BMC TrueSight Pulse CLIs


The BMC TrueSight Pulse CLIs provide command line access to a subset of the TrueSight Pulse REST APIs as documented here:


The TrueSight Pulse CLIs are implemented in Python and require version 2.7.9 or later be installed (NOTE: Python 3.x is currently not supported).


The TrueSight Pulse CLIs are distributed via a pip package on PyPi See Installing for complete instructions on installing.


Your TrueSight Pulse e-mail and API token are used for authentication see Configuring for instructions.


Sample usage of selected TrueSight Pulse CLIs. The reference section the commands.

Create a new metric definition

$ metric-create -n TRUESIGHT_PULSE_FOO_METRIC_IN -d "TrueSight Pulse Foo Metric In" -s "Foo In" -i "Tracks the TrueSight Pulse Foo Metric" -g AVG -u number -r 1000
  "result": {
    "success": true

Add a measurement value

$ measurement-create -n TRUESIGHT_PULSE_MEASUREMENT_TEST -m 3456 -s foobar